Album Cover

Nine Inch Floyd: No Love Lost

Side 1:

  1. Only You
  2. Facedown Downtown
  3. Bloodlines
  4. No Hope
  5. Steel Blues

Side 2:

  1. Sosami's Song
  2. Butterfly
  3. Furious
  4. Fear of the New God
  5. Trancension
    1. Transformation
    2. Ascension

Overly mellow electronic chords, light percussion, and spacey guitar permeate a moody jazz style atmosphere. The music and lyrics are minimal at best being entirely recorded on a four track as to not be overly dependent on technology. Avoiding dance, ambient, synth pop and acoustic sounds as much as possible the music revolves around bare bones technology and light electronic rock. The album showcases a great deal of musical talent, but the direction doesn't seem apparent. There is a total lack of a catchy rhythm, lyrics or drumbeat. The music sort of just hangs there like an old John Denver album. A good effort but lacking in anything to convince the listener to have a second listen.

Nice Inch Floyd is:
Tear - Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Belldandy - Keyboards, Samples, Cheesy Drum Sounds


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