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Nihil: Drown

  1. Under Me 3:52
  2. Lost 4:22
  3. Hear Me V1.2 4:58
  4. Nowhere to Hide 3:49
  5. God 2:05
  6. Shift 5:40
  7. Everything 4:38
  8. Should Die 3:43
  9. Echo 3:34
  10. Tear 4:30
  11. Hole 4:37
  12. Trust 3:44
  13. Hear Me V2.1 8:08
  14. One Twenty-Two 2:13
  15. Hold Me Back 6:35
  16. Someone Somewhere 3:42

Just when you thought you were safe from metal bands adding keyboards to increase their marketability, Nihil stumbles onto the scene. From the first note, it is obvious that Nihil is a grindcore band with minimal use of a keyboard and drum machine. Amid the inevitable head banging that comes from the thundering bass, guitar, and cymbals, a meek keyboard whimpers in the background begging to be set free from it's prison. Even the use of a good studio engineer in the form of Neil Kernon hasn't fixed the horrible mixings of the guitars. They still overpower the keyboards and samples to render them useless as instruments. Ultimately there is no point for Nihil to even have electronics in the mix, simply because they can't be heard anywhere but in the beginning and end of each track. In conclusion, Nihil needs to decide what genre of music it really wants to be associated with and write that kind of music. This mutated mixture of guitars and electronics has got to stop if you can't use the equipment the way it was intended.

Nihil is:
Scott Crowley - vocals, guitar
Vanessa Urso - keyboards
Doug Sammis - guitar
Johnny Stankovic - bass
Anthony Chamerberlin - drums

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Ste.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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