Album Cover

Nightmare Lodge: The Enemy Within

  1. Lost Message
  2. The Enemy Within
  3. Recent Flow
  4. Bloodline
  5. Red
  6. Snake Function
  7. Mankind Sanctuary
  8. Empty
  9. Bodiless

Ivan Iusco once again graces the Ambient world with his musical prowess with the release of the fourth Nightmare Lodge album "The Enemy Within" with his partner Russolo. This new album also includes whispered vocal sections on 'Lost Message' and 'Red' donated by B. Mazzilli. Many natural sound elements are used to compose this ritualistic orchestration including water and wind in an attempt to derive each individual listeners internal enemy and defeat it. We have seen the enemy and it is us. This album seeks to explore that enemy and to deftly defeat it by confronting it via musical therapy. The initial tracks of the album are slow and mentally massaging to the psyche, exposing it to the lures of relaxation and calmness. Each successive track seeks to slowly probe the mind and eventually attack it head-in with misleading vocal samples and thicker rhythms. In the end, the enemy lays defeated by the subterfuge and underhanded meddling of the nuances of the music.

Nightmare Lodge is: Ivan Iusco & Russolo

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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