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Nightmare Lodge: Luminescence

  1. Tuesday Night
  2. Carillon Recall
  3. This Dangerous Affair
  4. Revelation - Segment A
  5. Mirage V
  6. Obsessions: The Babywolf (T.i.b.e.t.)
  7. False Light - Segment B
  8. The Inner Voice
  9. Luminescence
  10. It Passed Like A Dream

Nightmare Lodge has composed perhaps some of the finest quality electronic keyboard pieces since Tangerine Dream on this new album. The pulsating energy and crackling vibrance of each stroke of the ivories is utterly astounding. Each track is amazingly crisp and cohesive with a lushness of sound that I have yet to experience before. It appears that Ivan Iusco also has a great deal of musical talent beyond that of owning the label which this album is released upon. The closest derivative work that I could hope to begin to compare this album too is the work that the composer for the Babylon-5 television show is doing. It is rare to find an piece of music that is composed entirely electronically that can evoke these kind of extreme emotions. It usually takes the unique resonant qualities of string, brass and woodwind instruments to create this type of aural beauty and yet with this album Nightmare Lodge has show that it can be done without the need to resort to a full orchestral ensemble.

Nightmare Lodge is: Ivan Iusco & Russolo

Minus Habens Records
via Giustino Fortunato 8/N
70125 Bari


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