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New Mind: Forge

  1. Providence
  2. LD 100
  3. Furnace
  4. Forge
  5. Spiritshield
  6. America K.I.A.
  7. Stone Hate Steel
  8. Surge
  9. Fusion
  10. Purify
  11. Falling in Love again (Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt)
  12. Providence (Xorcist Remix)

Johnathan Sharp puts out quite an impressive effort with the first new New Mind release since 1995's "Splinter To The Bone" on Cyber-Tec Records. "Forge" picks up pretty much right where the last album left off except for the fact Mr. Sharp has learned a thing or two about composing music in the past few years. My key complaint which New Mind's earlier work is that while it had a lot of good musical ideas going for it, it never went anywhere with them. Yet with "Forge", that is anything but the case, with every single track taking advantage of Mr. Sharp's unique programming style. No matter whether the track slowly builds up into an upbeat dance tune from very slow humble beginnings like 'Furnace', or it taunts you with almost enough BPM to groove but never quite reaching the peak beat quotient like 'Stone Hate Steel', "Forge" is definitely Johnathan's current masterpiece. Electro purists will even be satisfied by the complementary use of guitars throughout the album in such a manner that you barely even notice them. Definitely a shining effort from a prolific artist responsible for such other projects as Hexedene, Hyperdex-1-Sect, and Bio-Tek, with New Mind achieving the status of his best work to date.

New Mind is: Johnathan Sharp

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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