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New Forms of Entertainment II - Terrorflash


  1. Wicked (zeroone) 5:03
  2. World in Motion (tribal) 3:46
  3. Just Ice (slow) 5:11
  4. She's Lost Control (fm) 6:40

In contrast to their previous album on Machinery/Dynamica, Templebeat seems to be an entirely different band. The overwhelming guitars are toned down and used primarily for throbbing percussion, the vocals are stalwart and forceful and the programming seems more suited for a club venue. In every single way it seems the band has undergone an rebirth into solid and catchy dancefloor phenomenon. This change could be due to the remixer but I certainly hope that the fault lies with the band as the entire change is extremely positive.

And Christ Wept

  1. Resistance Weakens 5:57
  2. Medical 4:17
  3. Terror Shock Treatment 5:53
  4. Fascist Statement (EQed Heil Mix) 4:10

And Christ Wept continues it's assault on the political systems of the world with this small collection of tracks. This time the topics include the systematic torture of innocent civilians, hypocritical political platforms and shattering of the ideal freedoms inherent to all men. Musically the band remains stagnant with little or change beyond their debut release. This isn't inherently a bad thing just a notification that with change comes growth.

Skinflick Productions

  1. Punish 4:43
  2. Pariah 3:54
  3. Splice 3:53
  4. Avatar 2:56
  5. Biosphere 4:49
  6. A 1000 Lies 1:42

Finally we come to a band whose name describes it in a nutshell. One would think that samples of females mid-orgasm would have slowly been filtered from the musical arena by now, but apparently not. Aside from the obvious cheese factor the music isn't anything spectacularly original either. In fact the the whole tattered mess ends up sounding like a bad porn flick with a poor choice of soundtrack material. I suppose if that is looking for in a band you'll be duly satisfied but I generally want some semblance of a plot in my music.

Vuz Records
Postfach 170116
47181 Duisberg Germany
+49 (0) 20 665 4090


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