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New Forms of Entertainment Vol. 1: Cybernoise


  1. Red Tent
  2. The Mud Club
  3. Bubble Blubber Bob
  4. On The Stroke Of Time
  5. Hi-Land Lo-Tech
D.A.R.P.A. are:
Katinka Pakel - words & voices
Ingo H. Julich - compositions & instruments

A crossover synth pop band with a slightly harder edge to several of the tracks. For the most part the music lacked concise genre bouncing around various electronic genres like a cheap prostitute. A few of the tracks would have fit perfectly into early eighties english synth-pop explosion sans any intelligent lyrics or hooks in the chorus. Nothing particularly imaginative or unique to speak of, perhaps the band should stick to a more solid musical style.


  1. Running Circle
  2. Automatique
  3. Welcome To Hell part 2
Dive is: Dirk Ivens

A slight departure from Dirk Ivens usual musical direction. Dirk has in the past focused more on a sparse open programming style with very little depth or width to his music. The tracks present on this compilation instead show a very notable shift away from finite electronics to an increase in depth and rhythm structure. Whither this is a gathering trend in his music or is only utilized for these three tracks is unknown, we'll have to wait and see.


  1. Total Recall
  2. Zech Groove
  3. Ceremony
  4. Lindbergh
  5. Tschusch Domos
  6. War Combattery 2
  7. Phistocontrol
  8. Irak I

Complex and intricately weaved sound landscapes overlayed with the occasional German marching lyric radiate throughout the tracks present on the last half of this compilation. :wumpscut: never ceases to amaze me with each new release as one of the driving forces of the new electro-industrial school of music. Lush full bodied music focusing on well laid out sampling styles and in most cases undeniable dance rhythms. Be on the watch out for :wumpscut: to be one of the new leaders on the electro movement.

VUZ Records
P.O. Box 170116
47181 Duisburg


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