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Neutron Cafe: Demo

  1. Sphinx
  2. Trauma
  3. The Growing Season

Albeit not exactly an industrial band, I've taken it upon myself to never try and help out a band in need of a little free press. So when Gina contacted me about her band, Neutron Cafe, I was more than willing to give it my fair assessment regardless of the genre of music her band played. Neutron Cafe would fit nicely between most videos played on MTV today with it's strong guitar presence and post grunge sensibilities. Bordering somewhere between late eighties metal yet with a more modern approach to guitar chord progression, Neutron Cafe are struggling to break new ground in an area of modern rock. This is definitely not an easy task, especially for an all female band in a field dominated by men. Most of the music is a little rough around the edges which is to be expected from a young band, but this youth is the essence of the band's strength. It will give them additional energy and drive they need to practice, practice, practice refining their technique and vocals. An admirable effort for a first set of demos, given more time, better recording quality, and a professional packaging, Neutron Cafe will be prepared for the marketing onslaught required to elbow their way into the music industry.

Neutron Cafe are:
Angelique - vocals & guitars
Debbie - bass
Gina - drums

Neutron Cafe
P.O. Box 2550
N. Babylon, NY 11703


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