Neuroplague: Alter

  1. More Than Hate 5:40
  2. Sensorburn 5:10
  3. Black Mind 5:05
  4. Chemical 4:50
  5. Intrusion Countermeasure 5:40
  6. Mechanized God 5:15
  7. Incision 5:45
  8. Bed of Nails 6:10
  9. Terror Net 4:30
  10. The Hand That Feeds 5:50
  11. Inner Beast 4:45
  12. Unspoken 3:50
  13. Dark Ritual 3:10

While most of the tracks on the debut Neuroplague release are new, they have a very dated sound to them. There is a certain, undescribable dated feel to the music that makes it very generic. The most striking observation about this coldwave release is the simple fact that while it doesn't contain any strong undue musical influences, the music sounds as if it could have been written by anyone. There is a certain bland, almost textbook approach to the music that overshadows the entire release. As a result, no matter how I enjoyed the three tracks that appeared on their initial demo that appear again in a remastered form here, I still cannot get into this release. All of the stereotypical elements are present the overuse of science fiction samples, the harmonic guitars used as filler, the redundant basslines and even the complex electronic prelude and epilogue on are on each track. Perhaps I am just getting jaded, but this release sounds too much like a standard coldwave recipe for my tastes.

Neuroplague is:
Matt Collins - programming, sampling, guitar
Maggot - vocals, programming
Vince Venditti - live bass
Victor Thomas - live drums
L.R. Buzzard - live synths

Box 4F
87 Butler St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

E-mail: terrornet@aol.com

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