Album Cover

Neuroplague: Aborted

  1. Inner Beast 4:50
  2. Terror.Net 4:36
  3. Bad of Nails 5:24
  4. Mechanized God 4:28

Now this is what the new Fear Factory album should have sounded like! The absolute correct proportion of guitars meshing with driving percussion, whirling cyber (I hate that word) noises and suitably appropriate samples to create the perfect cyberdustrial thrash sound. Even Front Line Assembly could learn a thing or two about utilizing the guitar as an instrument from this band after the debacle of the most recent album. Definitely check these guys out. If this first tape is an indication of future projects these guys will be doing you won't want to be caught missing them now.

Neuroplague is: Matt Collins, Maggot & Vince Venitti

254 E. 10th Street 5B
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-0934


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