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Neuroactive: Phonic Trace

  1. Shapeless 4:43
  2. Space Divider 3:49
  3. Nothing but Fuel 4:52
  4. Surface 4:16
  5. Portals of Entry 4:22
  6. Unexpected Protozoa 3:38
  7. Neuron 4:40
  8. Cubic Soundscapes 3:44
  9. Slave to Gravity 5:05
  10. Audioanesthesia 4:02
  11. K-9 4:32

What is it about Synth-Pop music in Scandinavia these days? It's seems that every Electro band from that part of the world feels the need to utilize pansy string patches in their music, Neuroactive included. Now, I'll be the the first to admit that "Phonic Trace" is not a Synth-Pop album, but when most of the disc employs a style of music that was painful to listen to, even a decade ago, I wonder about the motivation of the musicians involved. Of course, this means that anyone who enjoys both the 80's and 90's electronic music will love this ablum unequivicably, but most people I know are not really fans of retro music becomeing suddenly popular again. Perhaps I am being a bit too critical of Neuroactive, seeing that their music really isn't that bad. For the most part, it contains a great deal more passion and emotive content than the usual Electro drivel. The meter is certainly too slow for a club, and the vocalist can actually sing. I guess that means that Neuroactive has become a Darkwave band, so Goth's will love them. As for me, this music reminds me too much of why I abhor pop music, melancholy lyrical content and happy moods.

Neuroactive is:
Vesa Rainne - vocals
Ville Brusi - live percussion
Jarkko Tuohimaa - programming, sampling, synthesizers

Cyberware Productions
P.O. Box 623
FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland


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