Album Cover

Nether Region: Demo

Side 1:

  1. Revolution
  2. Everything Just Falls Apart
  3. Welcome
  4. No Sacrifice
  5. Government Approved Rock'n'Roll
  6. Powerslave Control Re-mix V2.0

Side 2:

  1. In For The Kill
  2. Hole V4.0
  3. Zoob au Daub
  4. I Hurt Myself
  5. Like A Virgin
  6. Snippets of Stuff

Nether Region wanders across extremely diverse electronic musical territory from deep house, techno, electro industrial to oddly perverse covers of an old Madonna track. Anything goes seems to be the motto of the band ranging from insipid vocals to abstract samples and beyond. Even with the overall recording quality of the tape being poor, the volume of material present doesn't seem to suffer in endowment. True some of the tracks are way out in left field musically speaking, yet the majority of the tracks are amazingly intricate that only a proper digital recording media could do them proper justice. I am always massively impressed when a tiny underground band with a nonexistent budget can consistently write track after track of solid material. Nether Region has music here that puts many signed bands to shame in as much as they could really learn a lesson or two from this band and their guerilla recording techniques.

Nether Region
8 Ardial Gardens
Milngavie, Glascow
G62 7RL
Scotland, U.K.


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