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Various Artists: Nekrology

  1. Angry White Mob - United States
  2. Waiting For God - 1000 Pieces (Nekropolis Mix)
  3. Parada - Marionette
  4. Perfume Tree - Worst Friend (Jeep Beats Mix)
  5. Digital Poodle - Funkass
  6. Hate Dept - This Doggie Bites (French Canadian Poodle Remix)
  7. Coma - Everything and Nothing
  8. DHI - Chemical Land (Live)
  9. !Bang Elektronika - Flasche In Der Hand (Basement Mix)
  10. Thrive - Decide (Anthony H Nekromix)
  11. Rhea's Obsession - When I Was In My Prime
  12. Thanatos - The Wait Smothers Me (Live)
  13. Premature Ejaculation - Dead in Hamilton, Cambodia

Nekropolis is a club located in Hamilton, Canada that caters to the gothic/industrial crowd. This compilation consists of bands who have appeared at the club since it has opened. Many of the tracks are live or exclusive remixes found only on this release. The rest of the tracks can be found on each of the wide variety of artist's own releases. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of this album is that it is an excellent tool of exposure of many of these bands who either do not have a album release or are not signed to a label. Over a full third of the bands present are also from Canada, so this compilation also serves to exhibit much of the local talent that is located there. The release while heavily favoring the electro industrial genre contains just enough guitar crossover and gothic bands to make it worthwhile for all fans. This is definitely a good release to pick up to hear a rather diverse collection of artists while helping a club keep it's doors open for other such acts to appear on their stage.

Konsortium Produktions
P.O. Box 33560
50 Dundurn Street South
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4X4


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