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Neither/Neither World: Enter The Abyss

  1. Son of Sam
  2. Seven Kinds of Sin
  3. Alone
  4. Channel Five
  5. Dancing In My Garden
  6. Never Again
  7. Poor Mr. Fish
  8. Dracbaby
  9. Captured Angel
  10. Noting But Tears
  11. Anticipating Darkness
  12. Channel Five (Live)

Neither/Neither World is essentially a solo project of Wendy Van Dusen albeit this particular album has several guest musicians. For the most part the vocal work of Ms. Van Dusen is the entire album. Each of the tracks does indeed contain music but almost without mention it is only a minimal addition at best. Instead her voice and lyrics create the mood at atmosphere of each piece with the bare minimum of music serving only to fill out remainder of the track. Lyrically the album deals with a wide variety of counter culture concepts ranging from vampires, satanism, and murder to more common themes of love and hate. However, the one singular theme of the album does indeed seem to be the total corruption of the soul and the eventual decline into the fiery inferno. While definitely a slight disturbed story line is it nothing new about it and in the end the album seems to be lacking a certain integral component that would make it work. I'm not quite exactly sure what that might be so perhaps the ultimate decision should be left up to audience to decide.

Neither/Neither World is: Wendy Van Dusen

Neither/Neither World
1072 Folsom Street #388
San Francisco, CA 94103


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