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Negativland: Happy Heroes

  1. Mertz #1 1:43
  2. Jolly Green Giant 7:23
  3. Mertz #2 1:14
  4. Chicken Diction 3:49
  5. The Black Hole Tube 3:48
  6. O.J. and His Personal Trainer Kill Ron and Nicole 3:12
  7. Happy Hero (Remedia Megamix) 5:02
  8. Mertz End 0:13

Those wacked out boys from Negativland are at it again with the 26 minute log "Happy Heroes" EP. While technically a remix single of material from "Dispepsi", there is actually only one remix on this EP, 'Happy Hero'. The other six tracks consist of all new material in the usual Negativland style. The EP starts out with 'Mertz #1' which deals with the effects of a supposed wonder drug that 'makes up your mind' for those people unable to make decisions on their own. This drug is marketed across three distinct tracks, all dealing with various promotional schema to get you to use Mertz. 'Jolly Green Giant' and 'Chicken Diction' all abuse samples take from various vegetable and fast food commercials, while 'Black Hole Tube' viciously attacks the effects that television has on the mentality of it's viewers. The best track, however, is the scathing anti-politically correct 'O.J. and His Personal Trainer Kill Ron and Nicole'. This track is meant to pose a serious question about the possibility of a staged cover-up of the infamous Ron and Nicole Brown Simpson trial. This track is sure to anger many, and outrage a few more, but it's real intent is simply to make people question the role the media plays in delivering information. In the end, this EP is all about the media, marketing and the bias that is obvious in today's information overload that is network television.

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