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Negative Nine: Numeral #2

  1. Global Economic Crisis
  2. Q&A Is For Wimps
  3. Sardine Liberation via Four Bass Guitars
  4. Bow and Tongue Confess (live)

Negative Nine returns from the previously dismal attempt at Electro with this fairly good attempt at the more Experimental end of Industrial music. All four tracks focus more on the sample construction and caustic use of those samples than on elaborate song structure. As a result the tracks are very cacophonious in places while being more subdued in others. The key problem with this release is that it seems to lack any sense of direction. Ultimately, what makes experimental music palatable is a central theme or concept around which the music revolves, and Negative Nine is definitely lacking in this arena. The cassette, however, was dubbed over side two of an old copy of Phantom of the Opera which is certainly a unique concept, albeit probably one without a great deal of forethought. In conclusion, the new musical territory which Negative Nine chooses to explore definitely seems to mesh well with the lo-tech approach to their music.

Negative Nine
24234 Undine Rd
Valencia, CA 91355


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