Negative Nine: Existential Chairs

  1. Innocent Revenge 6:09
  2. Existential 3:47
  3. Everything is Meaningless 7:16
  4. Metaphysical Embrace 4:00
  5. Empty Hand 5:16

It pains me greatly to say this, but this demo tape by Negative Nine is nothing short of atrocious. Technically the programming is extremely weak and sounds like it was done on a PC without the use of any other hardware. Musically speaking the demo is all over the place from fairly high pace instrumentals, to slow, almost ambient pieces, and even an eclectic acoustic noise mess. What this release suffers from the most is mastering quality and original programming. Most of the tracks are very poorly mixed and the sample source material is a far cry from being unique. Ultimately this detracts greatly from the overall mood evoked by the music. However, if you are really into the low-fi, fairly uninspired electro-noise scene then you will probably enjoy this demo. Personally, I think it needs a great deal of work in the production and composition department before it will even begin to approach a palatable level.

Negative Nine
24234 Undine Rd
Valencia, CA 91355

E-mail: iceolate@smartlink.net

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