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Various Artists: Elektro Industrial Sounds Of The Northwest

  1. Kill Switch... Klick - Go Man Go [Klaustrophobic Mix]
  2. Waiting For God - Two Extremes
  3. Noise Box - I Hate U [Club Mix]
  4. The Fourth Man - Plague
  5. Noxious Emotion - Symbiosis
  6. Einar Ak & The Same - People Say
  7. Corpus Christi - Viral Daze [Airbourne Virus Mix]
  8. SPM - Listen Up
  9. And Christ Wept - Halcyon
  10. Children Of The Atom - Minority Of One
  11. SMP - Backwards
  12. Unit 187 - Burn
  13. Bytet - Time To Play [Live Edit]
  14. Mindvirus - Brickbat
  15. RU-486 - Dos Fatcha [Track-Ter Mix]
  16. Razed In Black - Metamorphosis

It's good to finally see the Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition finally get the large scale publicity that a compilation of this kind can produce from a midsize label such as Cleopatra. With the recent record contracts for SMP, Kill Switch... Klick, Noisebox & And Christ Wept there is an obvious well of untapped talent in Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. The music is wide and varied as would be expected from such a diverse genre. The label on the jewel case might implicitly state Elektro-Industrial but that doesn't even begin to do justice to these bands. The sound varies all over the sonic spectrum audible to the human ear from grinding chunks of guitar, dancefloor mayhem to aural masterpieces of ambient experimentation. If you haven't had any experience with the NEC I highly suggest you check any of these numerous bands out. And remember there is more than Grunge music in Seattle!

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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