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Not Breathing: Sangre Azul

  1. Rocket
  2. The Ventilator
  3. Revlon Sky
  4. Xanax
  5. Electromagnetic Disembowler
  6. Mindsweeper
  7. Rotorhead Aggression Release
  8. Glitch
  9. Projectile
  10. Monochrome
  11. Quiditity

It seems the advent of a major label deal has only served to spark the creativity of Not Breathing rather than dull it in any manner. As usual Dave Wright and his band of merry troubadours have placed their fealty in the church of the acoustic keyboard and live sequences. Summarily the music has a very fluid feel to it as it chaotically tumbles through the motions on it's euphonic journey. The album seems to be divided into two distinct sections; the first being the more 'techno/dub' sound found on older Not Breathing demo tapes and the second being a tantalizing experimental voyage of newer material. In either case Dave has collected some of the most vibrant and complex pieces he has ever written for this album. Each track becomes a pulsating excursion into the psyche of the artist and his odd mental paradigm. So as an alternative to your next narcotic trip, sit back with a pair of good earphones and explore the scintillating realities brought on by the music of Not Breathing.

Not Breathing is:
David Wright - electric and acoustic sound manifestation, saturation, percussion, manipulation, divination, and flubscrubing
Bruce Brindamour - mutated digeridoo and hells bells
Drew Fitzgerald - channeling, six string, and rumble
Ron Chmara - electric board of keys
Claude Willey - bleeds and hums

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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