Album Cover

Not Breathing: Filth Percolator

Side 1

  1. Filth Percolator

Side 2

  1. Phosphorant Cavern

Not Breathing return with one of their last independent releases prior to being signed to Invisible Records. This particular cassette is broken up into two sections with the first side containing solo material by Dave Wright and the second containing all the members of the project. 'Phosphorant Cavern' turns out to be a very traditional Not Breathing composition encompassing all of the usual array of instrumentation from the waterphone and digerido to more modern live sequencing and wafting vocal arrangements. However, 'Filth Percolator' is distinctly different from it's companion piece. Once again Dave's solo style favors more of a beatless ambient environment which builds slowly upon various sound elements. The tracks rises hesitantly towards a wall of vibrations and chromatic tones and then dies with the same tentative pattern from which it evolved. Once again Dave Wright and Not Breathing put together a stellar release albeit a bit short for my tastes, but still satisfying in it's succinctness.

Not Breathing
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