Album Cover

Not Breathing: Demo

Side 1

  1. Revlon Sky
  2. Sogmarch
  3. Toxic Rotorhead
  4. Quiditity
  5. Celliphas
  6. Noize

Side 2

  1. Rocket
  2. Thundertrance
  3. Human to Amphibian Evolutionary Primer
  4. 00-Infinity
  5. Untitled
  6. dEAdkid's Dub

Once again, Dave Wright seems to have taken his music to yet another level with this collection of tracks some of which might be out takes from an aborted album contract with a now defunct label. Usually I don't condone the use of hallucinogenic substances but in the case of Not Breathing, I'm not sure the music could have been composed without them. The twisted psyche of Dave seems to have paved a freeway into the warped thought processes of his inner cerebral cortex this time. Deep ambient dub music percolates between psychedelic electronic fusions of house and trance which flow together seamlessly. The only artists today which seem to be releasing music of similar caliber and notability are Download. This comparison is perhaps the only suitable one for the eclectic taste in music present on this tape. The only real difference would be the general lack of vocals, and the continual sensuality evoked by Not Breathing. Other than that the haunting soundscapes and percussive diversity walk hand in hand with the likes of Key and Spybey. It's nice to know that two bands growing up in effective isolation from each other can peak at approximately the same time to provide us with such astounding pieces of musical brilliance.

Not Breathing is David Wright & Bruce Brindamour

Not Breathing
P.O. Box 64545
Tuscon, AZ 85728


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