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not breathing: time music for quazars

  1. the amoebic sea
  2. space between
  3. 3-legged beetle eater
  4. dhyana
  5. no more rainbows
  6. combustion
  7. birth of rotorhead
  8. aether traveller
  9. cloud modulation
  10. darth vader disco luv

After three years, four demos, three hundred minutes of music, one 12" and one 7" not breathing breaks into the digital arena with the release of their first full length album. The past three has year have done nothing but improve the musical endeavor and diversity of the band. This new album focuses primarily on ambient acid trance which percolates throughout the cerebral fluids just as any other chemical enhancer. Acutely bound sound washes break onto the deserted shores of undiscovered planets while the native wildlife breaks into a melody proclaiming the solution of the ultimate question of life. The vibrance of the music on a recording medium other than cassette is astounding. It makes me wish that the band will repackage and remaster all of their original music onto digital media so that their listening audience may full enjoy the depth of music which exists on this album.

not breathing is: dave wright & bruce brindamour

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