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Not Breathing

Demo I

Recorded between 1/25/92 - 7/25/93 Compiled 08/01/93

Side 1

  1. Oviates of the World Unite & Take Over 8:23
  2. The Crystal Cowboy 8:54
  3. Hurled Across the Abyss 11:30
  4. The Mourning Sun 5:23
  5. Prayer to Jubilex 10:00
  6. All Raise and Praise to Thee Mighty God Visine (LIVE) ?:??

Side 2

  1. In Ovo 14:56
  2. Astroturf Bubble Space Shit 12:00
  3. Mushroom Church In Needles 10:41
  4. Dhyana 9:23

This demo swerves to the edge of insanity and back again. It utilizes static, old video games sound, and savage rhythms to create a masterpiece of sound. Comparisons include anything by J.G Thirlwell, and Coil. Very ambient/atmospheric at times, and driving at others. Lyrically speaking, the demo contains very little in the spoken word category, it instead utilizes its inherent musical quality to bring one to a state of delerium.

Demo II

Various Tid-Bits and Experiments 09/23/93

Side 1

  1. Throw the Toaster in With Me ??:??
  2. Ode to She*Tah*Rah 06:13
  3. Junk 09:21
  4. Time Music of the Quazars 09:59
  5. (untitled) 11:37
  6. Pink Rugmunchers (live) ??:??

Side 2

  1. The Monsoon Song 09:16
  2. Morning Glory 10:51
  3. Neptune Whale Junkie 10:30
  4. Fodder 12:41
  5. Pink Rugmunchers (live) ??:??
  6. ??? ??:??

This demo comes off cleaner than the previous tape. The songs are of solid construction and tone. Tracks vary from ambient soundscapes, to techno-dance, to bizarre live noise. Obvious comparisons include Coil, ambient Controlled Bleeding, and the new Front 242. I often found myself listening to parts of this tape when I was trying to goto sleep. Many of the tracks have a very soothing sound to them. The two live tracks are very interesting to listen too. They consist of someone beating on an old set of tupperware, while someone else chants totally nonsensical lyrics, and a female voice echoes the vocals and noise in the background. Totally unlike anything I've ever heard, but highly amusing. Overall, a good musical pick for its content.

Demo III

Side 1

  1. Suspended in Bliss II 13:03
  2. 4th Plane Drifter 09:00
  3. Adrift in Purgatory 08:21
  4. The Shoggoth Walk 06:23
  5. Atlantis* 06:03
  6. Birth of Rotorhead (excerpt) ??:??

Side 2

  1. Cloud Modulation 08:45
  2. Robitussin 09:13
  3. King Bufo 07:50
  4. Rotorhead Jumps in the Fire 04:45
  5. Party Girl Dub 06:35
  6. Moonlight Cowboy 03:05
  7. Suspended in Bliss I* (excerpt) ??:??

All tracks recorded LIVE (in one take) unless marked with a * Dave Wright does it again, this time with a wonderful experimental/trance work that seems to outdo the previous two demos he's put out so far. The sound quality has increased 10 fold, with no hiss of fuzz found on previous demos, and the stylistic approach to this demo is highly motivated, although several times throughout the demo I often wonder if Dave was experiencing an altered state while composing.

The material as always is varied on this 90 minute cassette. This time heavily stressed on light techno/trance/rave to Illusion of Safety/Jim O'Rourke/HNAS style experimental noise movements. In fact, there is almost a direct comparison of several tracks on the second side to the Mimir _Mimyriad_ composition by O'Rourke/HNAS/KA-Spel that stresses an experimental, spur of the moment, compositional approach. The trance pieces are light on throbbing bass stressing the swaying moods of subtle pacific rhythms. If you have ever acquired anything put out by Dave in the past, or enjoy experimental industro/trance/whatever this demo will be a pleasant surprise compared to some of the drivel produced by top record companies lately.

Demo IV

Side 1

  1. Marianna Trench
  2. Bad Moon Rising
  3. Airborne Jelly Fish
  4. toadfish
  5. Rotorhead discovers H2O
  6. Tibetan Whales
  7. Astroturf II

Side 2

  1. No more Rainbows
  2. Combustion
  3. Monsoon Song
  4. 4th Plane Drifter
  5. Transjovian Pipeline
  6. Rotorhead's 1st Power Surge
  7. Untitled

Dave Wright & company never cease to amaze me. This time not only has their music vaulted into whole new realms of the imagination, but it's hard to distinguish where the imagination ends and the reality begins. The music has been completely revitalized and reborn into a living organic prescence. The music varies wildly from aural tantalizations at the level of Delerium, and dare I say Lustmord, to intricate throbbing dance tracks that quite bluntly point out that this music could only have been written at levels of consciousness illegal in most countries. I'm surprised that not breathing has only put out one 7" to date, when they surely deserve so much more. A definite must for all those fans of cathartic sonic pleasure.

Not Breathing is:
dave-wright - emaxII, jupiter6, roland101, 202, guitar, Glitteridoo, tapeloops, percussion, zube tube, feedbackidoo, and acid blurps.
bruce brindamour - didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, samples, & vocals

Demo's I-IV available for a a blank 90 minute tape and an SASE.

Dave Wright
not breathing
1404 E. Orange Grove
Tucson, AZ 85718


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