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Various Artists: Narratives - Music For Fiction

  1. Paul Schutze - Seribu Aso 7:55
  2. Voice of Eye - Siddartha 26:17
  3. Robert Rich - Starmaker 21:25
    1. Interstellar Travel
    2. Worlds Innumerable
    3. The Beginning and the End
    4. The Myth of Creation

From the beginning of this compilation you have the distinct feeling that it really is a concept piece rather than a collection of similar artists. Upon diving into the liner notes suddenly it all becomes abundantly clear. Each artist has chosen a paragraph from a piece of fiction and composed their music to parallel the same path as a paragraph taken from the literature. So when reading the aforementioned paragraph while listening to the track, you begin to notice the similarities between them. Each artist is trying to make their music speak about the same things as the literature by evoking an emotional response of some kind based on their own personal interpretation of the written context. For the most part, the musical compositions are very similar in feel to what I personally derived from the works of fiction so the project seems to have been a success. The music itself is primarily acoustic based ambient music with a diverse experimental nature and totally devoid of lyrics. Fans of any of the artists present on this compilation should acquire a copy for themselves to experience this unique method of composing music.

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