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NAP: Attention!

  1. Cursed 5:54
  2. Wave to the Future 5:42
  3. Hate and Fear 4:08
  4. INGSOC 6:05
  5. Attention! 4:39
  6. Rope of Sand 6:35
  7. Fade to Grey 3:48

A sampler can be a rather dangerous weapon in the hands of someone who has no qualms about swiping even the most overused rhythm or vocal arrangement. NAP is one such artists who seems to sack and pillage from anyone they can get their hands on. The most obvious examples are a bassline and keyboard patch from Enigma which is used on 'INGSOC' with less than stellar results. However, NAP don't swipe all of their sounds from other people and at least generate some of their own. Amazingly enough they also can write a pretty mean dance tune, even if it shares more in common with urban house rhythms than with the standard electro fair. What NAP really needs is to dump the ransacking of other people's music and focus more on their own material because they definitely have the talent as is evident on tracks like 'Cursed' and 'Atttention!', unfortunately it's tracks like 'INGSOC' that people will remember them for.

329 South Worchester Street
Norton, MA 02766


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