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Namanax: Monstrous

  1. Monstrous 15:02
  2. The Larval Stage 17:09
  3. Promethean Screams 9:58
  4. Journey to the Battle of Varanax 29:43

Namanax returns with four more hefty tracks composed of ideas and concepts as well as source material from old horror films. At times the music is alluring in it's simple tonality right before it smacks you in the face with grindingly nauseous amounts of feedbacks and distortion much like how a classic horror film sneaks in the monster where it is least expected. As with this band's previous album "Audiotronic", the music is thematically scored based on the derivation of the title from a specific old cinematic horror experience. As a result, "Monstrous" is identical to its predecessor in design and execution. If you enjoyed "Audiotronic', then you'll love "Monstrous".

Namanax is:
Bill Yurkiewicz - guitars, bass, power electronics, samples, synthesizer
James Plotkin - guitars, effects
Kipp Johnson - synthesizer, samples

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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