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Namanax: Audiotronic

  1. The Return of the Deadly Mantis 13:52
  2. Immune 14:08
  3. Aquanax 18:19
  4. Tomb of the Seagull 16:26
  5. The Giggling Winds 10:06

What do you get when you join the ambient noise pranksters of Solarus with the master of guitar loops Jim Plotkin, why Namanax of course! This particular side project utilizes bad horror movie samples, droning noise, and analogue loops to construct virtual soundtracks to old B movies. The end result is a dizzying array of samples ranging from insects and birds, to wind and water all filtered through radio static and other machine noise. "Audiotronic" ends up being a rather extensive journey through a personal interpretation of old films. The trio of Namanax attempts to add their own personal spin on how they would have performed the soundtrack if they would have been chosen to score each film. Oddly enough, I think the Namanax versions would have been a great deal more frightening than the originals, of course, I'm not sure if movie goers would have been able to handle the caustic nature of some of these tracks if they had been used.

Namanax is:
Bill Yurkiewicz - guitars, bass, power electronics, samples, synthesizer
James Plotkin - guitars, effects
Kipp Johnson - synthesizer, samples

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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