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Various Artists: Minimal Synth Ethics Vol. 4

  1. Calva y Nada - Santos Inocentes
  2. Neuroactive - Neuron (Neurotronic mix)
  3. Swamp Terrorists - Try My Flesh (Visceral Penetration)
  4. Biopsy - Cervix (Metabolic Rage)
  5. Control - Silence of God
  6. Waiting for God - Sickness Ridden Soul Machine
  7. Malaise - Sudden Hours
  8. Artefakto - Tierra Electrica (Reload mix)
  9. Violet Arcana - Clusion
  10. d4p - Compo Mentis
  11. Mimic Mind - Extended Anger
  12. Malamuerte - Resistencia

This new volume showcases an international flavour with some of the strongest Electro-Industrial acts from across the globe. However, I do miss the fact that the previous volumes gave us an excellent view of the Brazilian Electro scene. I know more people are aware of the thriving Electronic-Industrial scene in Brazil, but I believe that not enough people know of it and this series was an excellent place to discover it. But you cannot fault the label in terms of variety and production on this volume; this is still one of the better compilations in this genre, bringing you a wide range of acts to satisfy your Industrial Electronic appetites; you get everything from the Gutter-Tech Coldwave of Swamp Terrorists and Biopsy to the dense, catchy Electro of Neuroactive and Artefakto to the cold minimalism of Mimic Mind. It also contains a surprising new project from the members of Brain Leisure, called dp4, which displays more of a Coldwave-styled treatment than the hard Techno Electro meshing that Brian Leisure is known for. (Kevin Congdon)

Contact: Cru Di Chat
Cx. Postal 42396
CEP 04299-970
Sao Paulo - SP - Brazil


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