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Various Artists: Minimal Synth Ethics Vol. 3

  1. Aghast View - Burst in Crossfire
  2. Third World Fear - El Reloj
  3. Resonate - Hardtech
  4. Habitants - Shadow Flame
  5. Silverblood - Involuntary Galaxies
  6. CPC - Black Angel
  7. Johann Heyss - Aknathen
  8. Sicilian Unit - Good Feeling
  9. Digital Disorder - Broken Shackles
  10. Biopsy - Sonic Suppuration
  11. Arcane - Garden of Time
  12. Homicidal Feelings - Out of Control
  13. Hades - Morbid Action

I've been exposed to a few Brazilian industrial acts and am aware that Brazil has a thriving industrial scene, but this compilation showed me how diverse and complex the scene really is. There are so many different types of electro and industrial music introduced on this release that it's impossible to mention them all, but this compilation explores everything from the industrial-metal of Third World Fear to the ambient-dance of Resonate to a really bizarre techno/loungy combination by the group Habitants. There are also a number of solid electro tracks as well including the ones by Aghast View and Digital Disorder. And there also a few tracks (by the groups CPC and Hades) that have a strong gothic feel to them. While not everyone will enjoy all the songs, there are enough great tracks on here to fill everyone's need for excellent music. If you've ever been curious about the Brazilian industrial scene or are totally unaware of it, I would heavily recommend this to start exploring some great acts from this country. (Kevin Congdon)

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