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Various Artist: Metalmorphosis

  1. Oomph! - Mitten Ins Herz
  2. Psychopomps - Satan Lives Within Me
  3. Fear Factory - New Breed
  4. Rammstein - Seisses Fleisch
  5. Klute - No Remorse
  6. Steril - Lies
  7. Die Krupps - Metalmorphosis
  8. God is LSD - Girls on Fire
  9. Coptic Rain - The Moment (Cyberbass mix)
  10. Front Line Assembly - Modus Operandi
  11. Deathline Intl. - Brot und Spiele
  12. Templebeat - The Brain Cult of Macho Irony
  13. NoiseBox - Monkey Ass
  14. Shining - Hysteria
  15. Ether - Love Rub Dub

As can be easily inferred from the title, this release brings us a number of groups who have attempted to combine or "morph" elements of both industrial and metal to showcase the sub-genre referred to as electro-metal. Fortunately, most of the bands here lean towards the industrial side of things (with the exception of Fear Factory and Oomph!; although I'm sure some of you reading this would include a few more), and while guitars play a major role in the songs, you can tell that the groups made a concentrated effort to make sure the electronics were a major force as well. I was kind of disappointed in the fact that this compilation doesn't include any remixes or unreleased tracks (as far as I'm aware), so if you already have material by most of these groups, you know what to expect -- although the track by the band Ether(who I had not heard of before) is a good one, with its nod towards Psychopomps and Peace, Love and Pitbulls. However, this is definitely a good introduction into the world of industrial-electro-metal and won't leave you with the impression that you are just listening to a bunch of metal bands who have samplers. (Kevin Congdon)

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