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Various Artists: Maschinenwelt

  1. Last Delay - Fire
  2. X-Marks the Pedwalk - My Back (Out-of-Order-mix)
  3. Sleepwalk - Brainattack
  4. Suicide Commando - Sweet Jesus
  5. Terminal Choice - Black Rubber
  6. Morbid Fancy - Dirty Money
  7. Cyber Axis - Delirious (TX-mix)
  8. Manipulation - Bleib Hier
  9. VNV Nation - After Shock
  10. Fuze Box Machine - Intifada (Gaza-mix)
  11. Faith Regime - Always for You (Tormented mix)
  12. The Unknown - Nation of Fear (Fear-of-Nation edit)
  13. Econic - We Are Econic
  14. E-Craft - Matris Maria
  15. Evil Sermon - Atomic Warfare

This first release from the label Maschinenwelt provides us with some pretty solid talent in the electronic-industrial field, with a majority of the acts coming from Germany, and all the tracks presented being new remixes or unreleased songs. The standout tracks would have to be Cyber Axis track with its heavy FLA leanings and the XTMP track, which sounds more in the direction of his earlier material this his current techno sound. Suicide Commando provides us with a track that has a much faster pace and is more beat-oriented this his earlier, more minimalistic material, but still manages to instill some dark imagery in the song. The track by Faith Regime displays a strong Nitzer Ebb sound during much of the song, but the band knows enough to include some additional ingredients, like a techno flavor in the chorus, to avoid sounding like a straight imitation. The order of the tracks probably should have been changed around a bit -- on many tracks on the first part of the disc, all the bands seem to be using similar distortion on the vocals, which gives the impression of listening to the same vocalist, which can be become monotonous after a time. And for a portion of the second half of the disc, you get three bands in a row who have a some amount of Nitzer Ebbiness to them. (Kevin Congdon)

Maschinenwelt Records
Postfach, 12061, Berlin

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