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Margot Day: Margot Day

  1. Dancing On 3:17
  2. Wishes 4:23
  3. Hereafter 3:03
  4. Kismet 3:07
  5. Get High On Love 3:26

There are days when I scratch my head and wonder where people derive their own personal definition of Industrial. The press kit for this EP states that it fuses elements of Industrial into modern dance and vocal music. I am not sure what drugs the press people are on, but Industrial and modern dance should never be uttered in the same sentence, except to point out how they are polar opposites of each other. That having been said, this collection of five short songs consists of minimal Pop electronic and crooning vocal work, both of which cause this writer to wince in pain when he hears this music. The best place for this EP is as a companion for a performance art piece or installation in an avante-garde museum, which is probably the only place where it would be lauded for it's content.

Margot Day is:
Margot Day - vocals, flute
Jeff Cooper - percussion, keyboards, samples
Dan Mazar - keyboards, moog bass
Jim Harduby - guitar
Paul Harriman - keyboards

Future Records
P.O. Box 47
Craftsbury, VT 05826


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