Album Cover

Luxt: Razing Eden

  1. Witchhunt
  2. Parasites (N-Vitro Mix)
  3. Spite
  4. Zero
  5. Cleanser
  6. Technochrist (Second Coming)
  7. Lies of Angels
  8. Kashmir
  9. Snowblind Entropy
  10. Perpetusex
  11. Parasites
  12. Cleanser (Egamorph Mix)
  13. Tar
  14. Bliss
  15. Witchhunt (ANiMOO Mix)

Taking a hint from the media, Luxt have performed quite a stylistic change with the release of their third album "Razing Eden". Gone are much of the guitars and in their place is a farr amount of grindingly rhythmic percussion and electronic texturing. This is not to say that the guitars have been totally forsaken, but rather better arranged as accompaniment rather than the driven musical element on the album. As a result this have given Erie and Anna more room to experiment both with electronics and their unique male and female vocal harmony that made them such a stand out act when they debuted. The most obvious change is that the percussion is much dirtier and gritter, similar to sounds used by Power Noise acts like Noisex, Synapscape, and P*A*L. However, Luxt has chosen to not overdose on their percussion either, as each distinct musical element has become better arranged and mixed. It is quite obvious that this Sacramento duo has certainly learned a bit about musical composition since the release of "Disrepair" just over a year ago. Stand out tracks include a rather witty cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Kashmir' with the usual role reversal with Anna on vocals and 'Witchhunt' which stands out as an obvious single, complemented nicely by the addition of a Acumen Nation remix of the track.

Luxt is:
Anna Christine - keyboards, bass, samplers, vocal
E Loch - keyboard, guitar, sampler, vocals

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117-0100


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