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Luxt: Disrepair

  1. This Ugly 3:16
  2. Megaplex 4:58
  3. World of Hurt 4:49
  4. Hate Song 5:13
  5. Not of My Kind 4:55
  6. Devil's Advocate 4:16
  7. Intent 5:27
  8. Turbulence 3:35
  9. Death 3:28
  10. Noxxul 3:22
  11. Darker Times 4:42
  12. Locust 6:02
  13. Troll 3:31
  14. Winter Kills 4:15
  15. Devil's Advocate (Lo-Corps Mix) 5:21

While technically Luxt's second album, "Disrepair" also happens to be their major label debut on 21st Circuitry Records. From the very beginning this album shows several marked improvements from it's predecessor, "Jezebel 13.3". The engineering and mixing quality is superb and as such all the electronics, guitars, and vocals all flow smoothly together. Musically the album is much moodier and built more around slow tempo tracks than on previous work. Once again I can't over stress the power and strength of Anna Christine, the female vocalist. Her ability to sing both quietly restrained and exuding with power is one of Luxt's strongest points. The backing vocals by Eric Loch also do an excellent job of harmonizing without washing out his partners vocals, as is the problem with many female lead, male backup vocal bands. My only complaint with this album is that there are not enough radio friendly tracks on this release. However this is only a minor nitpick compared to all the other positive elements that this band exhibits.

Luxt is:
Anna Christine - keyboards, bass, samplers, vocal
E Loch - keyboard, guitar, sampler, vocals

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117-0100
(415) 751-2001


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