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Lustmord: Lustmord vs. Metal Beast

  1. Broadcast Frequencies Converge 5:06
  2. Open Towers Emerge (Version) 4:33
  3. Heart of a Dog Chapter III 9:09
  4. Torens Parts 7:40
  5. Phleisch 7:00
  6. Heavy Manners 10:38
  7. Transmission Fades 3:19

This first new Lustmord release in almost two years is most certainly not your average Lustmord album. Instead it is a collection of tracks performed live on KUCI, in Irvine, CA on June 20, 1997 with Shad Scott of Metal Beast. As a result this performance is not the usual collection of ambient drones and wails, but instead a collaborative effort with an experimental Techno artist. As a result the overall mood of the music lies somewhere between Brian William's Lustmord and Terror Against Terror projects with an emphasis of live arranging and composition. So while some of the material is more atmospheric and methodical, other tracks revolved around a more centralized electronic percussion theme. While I think this release might sacrifice some of the more fascist of Lustmord fans, I think it is good for Brian to stretch his wings and experiment with concepts, elements and ideas that he normally avoids. Ultimately, this will allow him to grow as an artist and thereby offer new avenues on which his music can travel in the future.

Lustmord is: Brian Williams

Side Effects Records
P.O. Box 83296
Portland, OR 97283


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