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Lull: Moments

  1. Moments

"Moments" is a definite contrast to Lull's last album "Continue" that was mastered as a single seventy minute track. This time, Mick Harris splits a seventy minute album into 99 different tracks. If you listen to the album on random or skip mode you can listen to an infinite number of different albums. As with other Lull material, the music is primarily dark drones and ambience, however instead of flowing crisply together, each track subtlely shifts mood and tempo rather randomly. As a result, if you do listen to the album either straight through or randomly, the ambience is different each time. So take a moment and drop this album into your CD player in random mode and enjoy a unique listening experience every time you press play.

Lull is: Mick Harris

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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