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While lacking the dub style of Mick Harris's other solo project Scorn, Lull is still an ambient work of art. Treading the same path as other atonal ambient composers "Continue" is mastered as a single track, 62 minutes in length. However that is where the comparison ends. Instead of gift wrapping the album with copious liner notes and technical information, the tray card on this release in blank save for the band, album title, artists, and sparse label information. This blank canvas allows us as the listener to paint the portrait of the music within our own minds instead of trying to interpret the cover art. I think that it is this simplicity that makes this album stand out from other similar work of ambience. By allowing us to interpret the composition rather than a third party we can derive whatever message means the most to us. Quite a bold move on the part of Mr. Harris, but then again Mick hasn't really ever been concerned with other peoples interpretations of his music.

Lull is: Mick Harris

Relapse Records
P.O. Box 251
Millersville, PA 17551


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