Album Cover

Luc Van Acker: Taking Snapshots

  1. Introduction Fanfara
  2. Moments During A Lifetime
  3. Taking Live Serious
  4. Try To Say Something
  5. Fanfara
  6. Find A Way
  7. China
  8. Vision One
  9. Freezing
  10. African Medicine Man
  11. It's A One Day Chance
  12. Frozen Tears
  13. Forced Into Light
  14. Take Her Away
  15. Vision Two
  16. What's Downtown
  17. Business
  18. Outro Fanfara

This album is a fifteen year old CD release by the Luc Van Acker a name synonymous with The Revolting Cocks. The age of the music and the technology used is dreadfully apparent. The sound quality is a bit ragged in places and you might confuse a few tracks with Kraftwerk or Cabaret Voltaire of the same period. What is amazing however is the fact that a large number of the tracks are an attempt and what is now termed the ambient movement. Luc Van Acker was truly a man ahead of his time and it is a shame that his music did not see a wide spread release at the time it was written otherwise his name might be be placed along side those of Aphex Twin or Orbital.

All songs written & performed by Luc Van Acker

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Ben Franklin Station
Washington D.C. 20044


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