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Loretta's Doll: Nocturnal Arcade

  1. World of Hell
  2. Friendly Fire
  3. David
  4. You Never Knew
  5. Nothing Last Forever and a Day
  6. No More
  7. One of God's Miracles
  8. Child in Winter

While labeled a Gothic act, Loretta's Doll is unlike any Gothic act I've heard. True, they use some classic Gothic elements like deep male vocals, depressing themes, guitars, and a full drum kit, but the comparison stops there. The band also utilizes vocal samples, electronic drums, keyboards, sequenced percussion, violins and atmosphere. This five piece act are certainly masters of using a lack of sound to the greatest effect. They seem to know exactly when silence, minimalism and subtlety are the most effective. The overall execution of "Nocturnal Arcade" is utter perfection. Loretta's Doll rekindles my faith in the Gothic genre with their innovative instrumentation and concepts, creating a new blend of music that lies in a world of its own.

Loertta's Doll is: Sean Burns, Bryin Dall, Kevin Dunn, Scott Reiter and Kevin Wahlen

World Serpent Distribution
Unit 717 Seager Buildings
Brookmill Road, London
SE8 4HL, England


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