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London After Midnight: Psycho Magnet

  1. Psycho Magnet 4:17
  2. Where Good Girls Go to Die 4:19
  3. Innocence Lost (intro) 0:27
  4. Kiss 6:21
  5. Shatter (All My Dead Friends) 6:07
  6. The Bondage Song 1:56
  7. A Letter to God 2:59
  8. Carry On... Screaming (Ruins) 5:05
  9. Theme from the Film Love and Affliction (remix) 2:58
  10. HATE! 4:49
  11. Where Good Girls Go to Die (Edit Mix) 4:19
  12. Kiss (Ra Mix) 4:25

London After Midnight is Metropolis Records third Gothic act and like the previous two, Love is Colder Than Death and Ikon, they will reissue all of their older import releases. Apocalyptic Vision Records in Germany, originally released in Autumn of 1996, "Psycho Magnet", which is odd since the band is from Los Angeles. This is especially odd since London After Midnight are one of the stronger American Gothic acts, on par with Switchblade Symphony. The four piece act employ one of the best combinations of sensual male vocals, powerful electronic programming, acoustic and electronic drums, and minimal guitar. Also of note is their complete lack of similarity to Classic Gothic acts, which is a problem that many US based Darkwave acts often experience. Instead, London After Midnight have a richly unique sound that is just as effective in a club as it is on the radio. Once again Metropolis acquires once of the best kept Gothic secrets.

London After Midnight is:
Sean Brennan - voice, guitar, bass, keyboard
Tamlyn - keyboard
Douglas Avery - drums, percussion
Michael Areklett - bass

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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