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Logiq: Big on Mars

  1. Polygone 6:50
  2. Curiousity 6:02
  3. Re:Solution 6:41
  4. The Voyeur 6:39
  5. Elation 6:10
  6. Odyssey (Zebrabox Mix) 6:32
  7. Rotor 5:49
  8. Incite 7:19
  9. Polygone (Trail Mix) 5:19
  10. Elation (Grey Sunday Mix) 4:41
  11. High Beams 5:17

Logiq is the debut techno release by none other than Matthew Crofoot of Informatik. He has taken time from his busy schedule to collaborate with Rob Galbraith on an album full of pure American techno with an electro twist. The thing that is painstakingly obvious from the beginning, is that Logiq do not want to be compared musically to their European techno brethren. Conspicuously absent are the trade mark TR-909 and TB-303 that are heavily favored by most techno artists. Instead each track is painstakingly crafted from what appears to be original sounds that share more in common with American electro than they do with European techno. As a result, a large number of electro fans will really be able to dance their asses off without being assumed they are grooving to some cheesy techno. My only real complaint with this release is that most songs go on for twice as long as they really should. So even with all the carefully crafted sounds, the music ends up being just a little too repetitive as the tracks reach their inevitable conclusion.

Logiq is: Matthew Crofoot & Rob Galbraith

Sinless Records
496 Harrison Ave Suite #4
Boston, MA 02118-2408


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