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Light of Euphoria: Blood Brothers

  1. Fahrenheit
  2. Slow Motion
  3. Under My Skin
  4. Blood Brother
  5. Waters of Hades
  6. Hope of Salvation
  7. Resurrection
  8. Remember Me
  9. Revenge
  10. Sundown
  11. Taste Me
  12. Biomechanic
  13. Neighbors
  14. Born to Die
  15. Celsius

Lights of Euphoria is a band that is never satisfied to work long within one particular style of electronic music. Every single release denotes a drastic change in style and this time they have enlisted the aid of guest vocalists from In Strict Confidence and Zodiac 7 as well as performing a cover of Camouflage's 'Neighbors' to prove the point. The use of strings is very pronounced, which is a definite change, and the resulting music has more of a generic trance feel to it in places. Minimalism is also favored, and most tracks are little more than percussion and a bassline, with a total lack of layering. Jimmy Machon also utilizes a totally different vocal style choosing to work without effects and ends up sounding, at times, like Steve from And One. Regardless of the consistent beat structure, this makes for a very mellow release, due to the lack of depth and the human quality of the vocals.

Lights of Euphoria are:
Torben Schmidt - Music & Programming
Jimmy Machon - Vocals

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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