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Lifesaver Laboratories: Terms & Conditions

  1. Interview 7:01
  2. Current Twist 5:54
  3. Blue Hair Lounge 5:00
  4. Sign Here 4:45
  5. Forecast 4:54
  6. Steps 17:00
  7. Noon at Nite 6:59
  8. Don't Touch The Glass 8:49
  9. Mauve 5:12

Vancouver always seems to be synonymous with quality music, however this time around, it isn't the Canadian city we are talking about, but rather Vancouver, Washington just a stone's throw across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon. It appears that Lifesaver Laboratories's Michael Kelsey has made quite a name for himself rather quickly with Tone Casualties snapping up his original demo cassette almost immediately and reissuing it in their usual eye-catching packaging scheme. Musically the album remains untouched from the original demo which says a lot for the artist. Crisp ambient backgrounds mesh with well with arranged percussion right alongside noisier sections of haphazardly composed selections of found sound samples. Lifesaver Laboratories feels right at home with the burgeoning Pacific Northwest experimental noise scene until you find out that the projects sole member has never rubbed elbows with the likes of Daniel Menche or Smegma. As a result this debut release seems even more impressive than I had originally estimated simply because it was created in a virtual vacuum away from the usual contemporary influences.

Lifesaver Laboratories is: Michael F. Kelsey

Tone Casualties
1258 North Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038


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