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Licorice: Sulk

  1. Juliette Loves Me
  2. Oh.
  3. The Day Gina Lost Her Smile
  4. Deadgirl
  5. Curl
  6. Darker
  7. Charming Galore
  8. April Needs To Be Kissed
  9. Funeral Jewelry and Fairy Liquid
  10. Virgo
  11. Taxis are Fun
  12. We Should Hang Out More Often

Apart from 'Curl' which was co-written by Eric Powell of 16 Volt, Licorice is anything but an Industrial act. Instead it is solid electronic piano, passioned vocals, and subdued electronics. "Sulk" is basically a collection of mournful Pop Ballads that happen to use a few odd samples, processed dance beats, and a bit of distortion in places. It is an odd journey through the psyche of Julian Tulip. Which while intriguing at face value, isn't something in which I am all that interested.

Licorice is: Julian Tulip


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