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Lick: Heap

  1. derelicked
  2. animalistic
  3. guilt live
  4. hollowed
  5. jawbreaker
  6. lick
  7. seven story fall
  8. guilt acid
  9. witch
  10. sink - ultradelick remix
  11. disease
  12. guilt trip
  13. drag
  14. chunks
  15. trolls
  16. sink ambient
  17. salutation
  18. too many pills

The long anticipated mail order Lick remix album has finally arrived. "Heap" is packed full of remixes, rare tracks and amusement. All of the imaginable facets of the band are present here from the common and boring to the unusual and insulting. I hesitate to use the term Industrial when referring to the LP simply because it has a tendency to stomp all over the concept of labeling after only a single listen. The sheer breadth of the musical arena that it covers from beginning to end make it rather difficult to classify. You also have to take into consideration the role that Martin Atkins, Jim Marcus and Jason McNinch had in tinkering with the final product. So you end up with chunks of Pigface and Die Warzau littered throughout the musical casserole as well. "Heap" serves as an excellent entrance to the musical world that is Lick because it serves to showcase their variety as well as their sick sense of humor. However the buyer should be wary least they end up insulted by the sheer audacity of some of the music and twisted sarcasm of the band members.

Invisible Records
P.O Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60016


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