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Various Artists: Lethal Injection

  1. LEVEL'S - What If?
  2. A Different Kind of Cop - Crystal Light
  3. Audio Paradox - Transgression
  4. The Way Sect Bloom - Breathless
  5. Tempestuous All - Burning Bridges
  6. Pivot Clowj - So Gullible (v.II.1)
  7. Cult of Jester - Funkatron
  8. Lotus:07 - Shanti (do not look long bootstomp sect)
  9. Cybershadow - All You've Ever Wanted
  10. Human Knot Farm - Evil Pleased Society
  11. globalwavesystem - Wheel
  12. Autovoice - Non-Expressive
  13. Cradle to the Grave - My Life is My Infinity

LEVEL's 'What If?' has blatant guitar rhythms and oddly raised volume that seems out of place on this collection of electronic bands. After the first track, the compilation takes a markedly slower tone eventually ending at the lulled samples and Dub'n'Bass of Cradle to the Grave. One can't help but wonder if this very obvious down-tempo transition sugegsted the title of the thirteen song collection. The pain of the first few seconds of a "Lethal Injection" is brutal and intense, and then it slowly, almost cruelly exudes its poison throughout the body ending very painfully and arduously. In between, all the events of the injectee's life flashback, perfectly mimiced by the profuse vocal samples and transitional mood changes between tracks. Imagine that, a concept compilation that doesn't to the level of cover songs or cheesy tributes. Other labels should use this CD as roadmap and quit their ludicrous attempts at money garnering.

Flaming Fish Music
9 Koidern Ave.
Whitehorse, Yukon
Y1A 3N7 Canada


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