Album Cover

Leech Woman: 33 Degrees

  1. TK 421
  2. Illuminator
  3. Sea Shepard
  4. Spit
  5. Tool
  6. Fear And Bullets
  7. Legion
  8. Ova
  9. Silicon
  10. Intolerance
  11. Sea Shepard (Martins Atkins Remix)

When taken simply at face value, Leech Woman bears a great deal of resemblance to bands like early Test Dept., Crash Worship, and even Einstruzende Neubauten. Leech Woman even pay tribute to Neubauten by lifting a large portion of 'Futter Mein Ego' and reusing it in 'Fear and Bullets' as the introduction and main refrain of the track. However the comparison dies there, instead they have chosen to combine elements of tribal percussion, modern electronics, sampling, and even the occasional guitar chord to create a miasma of noise and propaganda that assault your senses. In essence, they have chosen a more modern primitive approach to musical construction and have refused to be limited to a single musical path. They combine droning washes of noise, science fiction cut-ups, thundering bass guitars, and whatever metallic objects they might have lying around into a complex entity that pulses as if it was alive. For the most part, Leech Woman has been able to retain an overall "true Industrial" feel while still incorporating all the benefits of modern electronics. As a result they have been able to breathe fresh, new vibrance into a genre considered dead by most and have done so extraordinarily well.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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