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Leaetherstrip: Yes - I'm Limited Vol II

  1. How Do I Know - Apoptygma Berzerk Remix
  2. Lies To Tell - Second Disease Remix
  3. How Do I Know - Funker Vogt Remix
  4. Life is Painful (Bastard) - In Strict Confidence Remix
  5. Lies to Tell - Lights of Euphoria Remix
  6. How Do I Know - Controlled Fusion Remix V1.0
  7. You Know Where To Put It - Controlled Fusion Remix
  8. How Do I Know - Fall Out Remix
  9. You Know Where To Put It - Collapsed System Remix
  10. Life is Painful (Bastard) - Trylok Remix
  11. How Do I Know - Controlled Fusion Remix V2.0

Irate with Cleopatra's administration of his domestic licensing, Claus Larsen jumps ship and swims for Metropolis Records to release his Leaetherstrip material. The first, of what will probably be many releases, is the remix album " Yes - I'm Limited Vol II" consisting of remixes from his fifth album "The Rebirth of Agony". The domestic release of the album is identical to the original Zoth Ommog Records release in artwork, track order, and presentation, much to Claus's content. Musically, this remix collection consists of Zoth Ommog artists remixing four Leatherstrip tracks into club friendly and aggressive versions than the originals. This is the perfect disc for aspiring DJs.

Leaetherstrip is: Claus Larsen

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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