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Love Is Colder Than Death: Mental Traveller

  1. Florina 2:58
  2. Nostromo 3:36
  3. Eclogue The Third 2:42
  4. Veronensis 3:28
  5. Helvellyn 2:35
  6. Taliesin And Melanghel 3:59
  7. An Invite To Eternity 2:07
  8. The Cenobites 5:20
  9. A Chain 3:35
  10. Dear 2:09
  11. Down And Out 3:11
  12. The Bronx Of Life 5:20

This album is the most gothic atmospheric wise of the recent domestic releases of all of the Love Is Colder Than Death CD's. With such diverse titles as the Aliens influenced "Nostromo" and Hellraiser inspired "Cenobites" the obvious focus is on majestic soundscapes. A wide variety of male and female vocals are used to varying degrees of effectiveness in both the soundscapes as well as the more conventional electro-gothic pieces. It it nice to find a gothic band who isn't stuck in the rut of mournful angstful guitar and instead enjoys the vocalics and programming side of the music.

Love Is Colder Than Death is:
Maik Hartung - Keyboards, Programming
Susann Heinrich - Voices
Ralf Donis - Vocals
Sven Mertens - Keys, Vocals

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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