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Love Is Colder Than Death: Oxeia

  1. Oxeia 2:56
  2. Birds 1:28
  3. Orlando 1:55
  4. To Be At The Point Of Death 4:25
  5. In Silence And Tears 2:19
  6. Waves 1:52
  7. Kaba Gajda 1:10
  8. Piu Bella Donn'al Mondo 2:24
  9. Occhi Mei 1:50
  10. The City In The Sea 3:04
  11. The Surface 3:38
  12. Second Life 4:36
  13. November Morning 3:30
  14. Mind Station 3:12

A move towards a rich vibrant Renaissance era style of music is evident in this album. The lute and harpsichord play a prominent role in many of the pieces, all electronically reproduced of course. You almost get a feel of being present in the Renaissance era of England as you envision the churches, the people dancing, the small curio shops and merry festivals. However, do not think that the entire album is all fun & games, several deep soul piercing vocal tracks are also present. The band does an excellent job of intermixing ambient soundscapes alongside the merriment of the annual fall hunt. I have been nothing but impressed with every release this band has produced and I look forward to the next one as well.

Love Is Colder Than Death is:
Maik Hartung - Keyboards, Guitar
Susann Heinrich - Voices
Andy Porter - Drums, Keyboards

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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